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We recommend that you take each course in order. Many topics have been discussed in previous videos; this will help you understand each course in detail. Topics: Search through the 31 different Video Courses that meet your needs. We have over 9 Hours of first ever exclusive video content from TJ Kroehle Life Planner. Over 4500 people helped from benefit applications to life planning.
Just like when you go to the movies you purchase a ticket. We have designed our videos around that concept; simple, easy and secure. The best part is that you do not have to login into a system and we do not have to store any of your private information. You want to watch a video simply select the video and purchase a ticket to view it. The 30 day ticket will give you access to the video for 30 days from the time you purchased giving you time to take the courses at your own pace.
You do not need an account. Just select the video course and purchase a ticket for 30 day viewing access. Enter your PayPal, credit or debit card info and within a few seconds after the payment has been processed your video is unlocked; tap on the play icon and start watching and learning.
Most certainly, we hope that you do! Many of the videos are like taking water from a fire-hose! That is why we provide the 30 day viewing window. Many of the videos will have additional information about a subject in another video so it is important to review them many times.
Each ticket has a 30 day time-frame window that starts on the day you paid for your ticket. The Access is good for this course for the next 30 days. You have unlimit views within the 30 day time period. Purchase additional videos as you progress thru the courses giving you time to revert back to a previous course video for a good refresher.
No; the ticket is for you only and should not be shared.
Planners and Advisor that choose to use the videos for learning have created their own workbooks to go in sequence with the videos.
Course materials are provided by Life Planners and are not a part of the video course. You can contact an Life Planner for class materials, but you cannot download the video lessons to your computer.
All course workbooks and material are a part of a one-on-one Advisor plan using the videos as an educational tool. Please contact your Advisor for more info.
Choose the video you want to watch and purchase a ticket to view it. You will have 30 day access to view the selected video.
Either your ticket expired or you may be watching from a different device. Use your password you created for the 30 day access. Each ticket has unlimited views. NOTE you will also receive a password when signing up with your password. If you need a password reset contaqct us.
All videos and content are supported on Android, iOS and all mobile devices.
Yes, videos make a wonderful caring gift! Go to Contact Us and we will contact you and create a password for the courses that you want to gift, and we will send an electronic gift card or physical gift card by mail which ever you prefer. Gift packages have a minimum of $100, and you can select the videos you want to gift.
As we all know it can be quite arduous in getting the answers and very trite at times. Many of our followers find it helpful to share their endeavors online on our Instagram, Twitter or Facebook pages connecting with others that are going thru the same trials and tributes they are going through. You can connect with them from our pages by clicking on the icons on the bottom of the page or simply share using your favorite social media platform. We ask our users to Pay-It-Forward to reduce advertising cost to keep the materials affordable for everyone.
Your purchase is secure. We use the highest form of encryption to keep your payment information confidential.
Advisors and Life Planners use as a tool to educate you. We have setup the courses in an order to educate you on each step as they progress.
You do not have an account to login to so there is no password to manage an account. We have the videos setup as a pay-as-you-go platform. If you forgot your ticket password contact us and we will reset it.
You do not have an account. We do not store any of your information so there is no need to delete an account. Once your Ticket expires, it has essentially been deleted.
PayPal, Debit Cards, MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover.
Due to the fact that we offer all of our courses on an All Access-Pass, we do not allow for a refund. The payment is for one video at a time so you should be able to determine if this is the correct video course for you before you advance to additional videos. If you have a problem, please reach out to us. We will investigate the issue you have, and review the reason you need a refund.

Purchase each video as you need

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